LEAF by Bellabeat is the most beautiful way to gain control of your body and mind. It’s a smart piece of jewelry designed to track women’s health. The LEAF learns about you and provides quality insights and improvements to your daily routine to help you feel your best. By tracking your breathing, sleep, activity and monthly cycles through the LEAF app, you are able to regain control of your physical and emotional wellbeing. Made out of wood and hypoallergenic stainless steel, each LEAF is unique, just like the person wearing it. Its advanced technology is hidden inside the wood housing, giving it a soft natural appeal that isn’t found in other wearables. The LEAF doesn’t need to be charged. It’s powered by a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months.

  • Breathing – by tracking your breathing during breathing exercises, the LEAF helps you manage and relieve stress, increase focus and fall asleep easily.
  • Sleep – logs the quantity and quality of your sleep and provides guidance on how to get most rest from the hours you’ve slept.
  • Activity – logs all the movement throughout the day and advises you on how to optimize your daily activity.
  • Monthly cycles – tracks period and ovulation cycles to know everything about your reproductive health in correlation with every other aspect of your health.
  • Smart alarm – wakes you gently in the morning or can be set with customized activity alerts.

approx. $119.99


Tracks Your Activity and Monitors Sleep

The LEAF tracks every movement of your day and lets you know when you need to increase activity and when it’s time to slow down. It tracks your steps, distance covered and calories burnt. By tracking the quantity and quality of your sleep, the LEAF reveals your sleep patterns and provides guidance on how to get the most rest from the hours you’ve slept. Wake up energized and ready to own your day.

Helps You Cope with Stress and Tracks Your Reproductive Health

The LEAF is there when you need to refocus and calm your mind. It guides you through goal-oriented breathing exercises that allow you to take control of stressful situations. Understanding your monthly cycles has never been easier. The LEAF enables you to view your ovulation, premenstrual and period days at a glance, and to gain an understanding of how other aspects of your health are affected during those days of the month.


Set your goals and see your progress every day. If you lack motivation, the LEAF will keep you moving.


The LEAF collects your data and wirelessly syncs with the LEAF app when you’re ready to take a look at your results. The app is available for iOS and Android.


The LEAF’s innovative smart alarm can be set to vibrate based on your preferences and goals, allowing you to get the right amount of activity for your healthy lifestyle and to wake up gently in the morning.