Use MESH for an instantly smarter life. Set up MESH app-enabled triggers to make just about anything smarter with automation – a coffee maker, connected light bulb, speaker, wearable, or anything you’d like. You can get started with just one rechargeable, reusable MESH smart trigger.

  • MESH Starter Kit + MESH GPIO includes a button, an accelerometer, an LED, plus MESH GPIO.
  • Mesh smart triggers add DIY smart features like automation and wireless control to everyday objects.
  • You can use MESH with Philips Hue, SmartThings, LIFX, WeMo, Nest, Arlo, and other gadgets on IFTTT.
  • Get started with just one MESH trigger that can be mixed and remixed for an instantly smarter life.
  • A smartphone or tablet is required to run MESH smart triggers which use Bluetooth (BLE).


approx. $189.99


Connect MESH to any object to make it a little smarter.

Just one MESH smart trigger can make an ordinary object smarter by adding customizable features like automation, control, scheduling or tracking, and many more. Use a MESH Motion trigger to make a Bluetooth speaker sensitive to your presence and play music as soon as you enter a room; or connect a MESH Brightness trigger to Philips Hue to automatically turn on the lights when it gets dark.

Endless control, and it’s all in the MESH App.

With the MESH App as your hub, you’ll connect smart triggers to everyday objects via Bluetooth (BLE) or WiFi to create personalized smart recipes. For extreme personalization, you can use the free automation service IFTTT to link to hundreds of connected home gadgets and apps like Alexa for Amazon Echo, WeMo, Nest, and apps like Gmail or Spotify.

Create personalized environments.

Always have the perfect amount of ambient music at your dinner party with a Bluetooth speaker that ques music only when the room grows quiet. It’s easy with the built-in sound sensor in the MESH App.

Add smart features to your favorite gadgets.

Instead of using your phone to control your Philips Hue light bulbs, try connecting a MESH Motion trigger to automatically turn on the lights as soon as you enter a room.

(Or) build your own smart IoT gadgets!

Build your own smart gadget like a self-watering plant to automatically water on a schedule or even at a certain temperature or humidity. With MESH GPIO trigger, you can hard wire to your project on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or LittleBits. Better yet, create custom integrations with our open SDK.

Little ways to make your life (and home) smarter.

You don’t need to be a technical genius to use MESH. The drag-and-drop app makes it easy for anyone to mix and remix smart triggers and everyday gadgets to create smart recipes that personalize your surroundings.

What makes Mesh special?

Mesh is one of the simplest ways to use the Internet of Things in your everyday life. Instead of buying ten smart gadgets, you can just make the ordinary objects in your life smarter with just Mesh Smart Triggers. Anyone can create smart recipes in our drag-and-drop app for a smarter life (and home). With just a tap, you can use Mesh with hundreds of gadgets and apps via Bluetooth (BLE) and IFTTT.