The PanaCast 2 video collaboration camera from Altia Systems: Panoramic-4K video camera that allows remote teams to participate in immersive video conference calls, making them feel like they’re in the room. Host smoother meetings that provide higher productivity, without all the annoying hassles of typical video conferencing cameras. Everyone is in the frame all the time, eliminating the typical “Who just said that?” and “Who is there with you?” questions. Look around. See everything. You are in the room with the PanaCast 2. It’s that simple.

  • The World’s First Panoramic, 4K Resolution, USB Plug & Play Video Camera
  • Provides a natural 180° field of view, making video experiences immersive & engaging.
  • Works on any computer, on any software platform (Skype, WebEx, Zoom, etc.).
  • Built-in stereo, noise cancelling microphones deliver crisp audio.
  • Don’t settle for a restricted view, give your viewers a human-eye like experience.


approx. $995.00


See Everything

PanaCast 2 delivers exceptionally clear video with a human visual perspective. With a 180° horizontal field of view, you’ll see everyone and everything in any size room. No more annoying mechnical Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras that are painful to operate. Stop using that single lens camera on your laptop, that only shows one person at a time! And don’t worry about having pay $10,000 or more for a video system that overtakes your entire room. With 4K resolution, the image is crisp and shows all the details you need in a video meeting.

Works with Everything

Immersive experience with your favorite collaboration apps. PanaCast 2 works with all your collaboration applications without requiring any driver or software installs. PanaCast 2 works with all popular web collaboration applications including Microsoft Skype for Business, Skype, Cisco WebEx, Google Hangouts, Citrix GoToMeeting, Vidyo, Zoom, Fuze and Bluejeans Networks.

Plug & Play

USB 2.0 & 3.0 compatiable for Mac, Windows, or Chromebooks. Works on MacOS, Windows, and ChromeOS. UVC compliant. Requires no additional drivers or software to operate properly. Simply plug the camera in and start your meeting in less then a minute.

Small & Elegant

Smaller than an iPhone. Easily blends into an environment. No more mechnical PTZ camera movements to distract your meeting flow. Keep it with you in your backpack or leave it at your office / collaboration space. The PanaCast 2 won a 2016 Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and DesignGood Design award as well!

Video & Audio

Built-in noise cancellation and stereo audio microphones that provide high quality sound capturing, so no one will ever miss a word during your meeting.

The Technology That Makes This Work

Building a good real-time video camera is a complex task. Building a great real-time panoramic camera with multi-imagers is a much more complex task, and requires deep technical expertise in video imaging technology. However, using multi-imagers brings its own set of challenges.

One problem to be solved is parallax. Parallex is the difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. It is measured by the angle of inclination between those two lines.

So how do we adjust these angles so that the images can be integrated together? Geometric corrections is applied by bending the divergent lines and projecting them and their associated image on a virtual cylinder. This process turns the sharp angle into a shallow smooth surface.

Our team of advanced chip designers and optical specialists have made this type of electronic video possible with the PanaCast 2.