Soundboks – The LOUDEST Portable Speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers come in different shapes and sizes, but none has the muscles to power an outdoor party without a generator, cables, and preamplifiers while keeping the sound at all in time high.

The SOUNDBOKS is that One-Of-A-Kind Speaker that comes into the mix to redefine outdoor parties experience, thanks to its high Sound Pressure Level (SPL) that comes with a Class-D amplifier capable of reaching 119db sound level.


The speaker features a durable flight casing stacked with two 10-inch professional mid woofers and dual tweeters with each powered by a high-efficiency amplifier of its own. The system can play music by syncing through Bluetooth, or you can use the aux cable to enjoy an audio quality rivaling that of a CD player with the digital sound processor.

The SOUNDBOKS comes with a Lithium Phosphate battery capable of delivering up to 30 hours of playtime with high volumes thus making it an appropriate system for outdoor partying. The system is also designed to withstand different weather and temperature conditions as well as shocks to offer you a great plug-n-play experience even in extreme weather conditions.

The speaker is billed as being the “loudest battery-powered speaker” under a crowdfunded project that aims to draw new paths for portable Bluetooth speakers. Looking into the features and specifications of the SOUNDBOKS we can’t wait to unravel the goodies it brings along for any party goer. Let us divulge deep into the system to unpack all that it has to offer.


The SOUNDBOKS is clad in a plywood and aluminum casing whose design aims at achieving portability while keeping the speaker temperature-resistant, weatherproof and shockproof. The manufacturer claims that the speaker is also rain, snow and splash-proof regardless of the fact that there are no IP certifications to substantiate the claim.

The IP certification is a standard that is used to specify the dust and waterproof quality of hardware. All in all, it is good news that it can survive a rainy beach party or mountain camping without freezing. So long as you won’t push the speaker too much by immersing it in water, then expect it to deliver what it promises.

The speaker Measures 26 x 17 x 13 inches and weighs in at 32 pounds, which almost similar to your typical carry-on luggage. It won’t be a big hustle to get into the boot of your car or transport it to the beach.

Soundboks - The LOUDEST Portable Speaker 7

Additionally, there are two carry handles on each side of the speaker that lessens the load of carrying it around. There are aluminum balls on the edges that will cushion the speaker from falls and the normal hustles associated with transporting it from one place to the other.

The SOUNDBOKS breathes a sense of simplicity with its two-knob control system. One of the knobs is meant for switching the speaker and toggling between the standard and boot modes. The other knob comes in handy for adjusting the volume.

Regarding connectivity, pairing up the speaker to play music on your phone is an easy task. It is compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 which offers an excellent range of up to 60 feet to connect with your device.

Should you want to go the conventional way, then this gizmo has a 3.5mm input jack for plugging in your other devices to play music from them.

approx. $874.99


The SOUNDBOKS was made with an intention of being the loudest speaker on the block, and it delivers that seamlessly. The speaker enjoys the monopoly of being the loudest Bluetooth speaker that we have come across in the recent past, in fact, it is the only one. The SOUNDBOKS uses a pair of tweeters and a pair of 8-inch midbass cones which is noticeably larger than a standard portable PA box.

The sound quality of the speaker majorly relies on the type of connection you are using; wired or Bluetooth. The system produces a better sound quality with a wired connection but with a limited treble sound while lacking the rich smoothness that comes with an indoor speaker.

The Bass is also in its all-time low missing on the dynamics that are common among big drivers. It, however, comes with a louder output meant for listeners who stay some feet away from the box.  The Speaker delivers a sound quality that is socially acceptable but does not bring anything spectacular on board regarding sound richness.

When it comes to using the Bluetooth connection, the sound quality plummets big time to produce a very poor sound quality that does not improve even with the increase of volume or the activation of boost mode. The fact that you do not need to be plugged a wall socket, vehicle power inverter or generator to produce sounds as high as 119 decibels gives it a clean bill of health.


The system comes with a 30-hour battery that can outlast the hardiest party-goers. The speaker uses LiFePO4 batteries, which have a lower density and voltage as opposed to li-on batteries but are capable of withstanding colder and hotter conditions.

If you are going out for the whole weekend, then there is no need to worry about the battery running out of juice since it comes with two batteries. The moment you drain the first battery, swapping the net one is an easy task to keep your weekend part going.

If you forget to carry the backup, then juicing the battery will set you back some three hours of entertainment for a full charge. However, getting up to work on a Monday morning is likely to be a great struggle after partying the whole weekend.

The internal battery is the selling feature of this speaker as it eliminates the stress of connecting long cables for power supply to the beach or garden. The worst if you go into mountain camping where there is no source of power nearby. The SOUNDBOKS makes all these worries a thing of the past with its capability to deliver.


The SOUNDBOKS is a giant wireless speaker that offers good battery life and a beach-ready body. It has a loud boom that any music enthusiast who prefers partying with lots of people will find efficient especially regarding battery capacity.

If you need this great gift to yourself for a beach party, summer festivals, street parties, camping in the mountains, or simply put it this way, if you hate your neighbors then the SOUNDBOKS could be the ticket to cause havoc over the weekend. The SOUNDBOKS might not have attained perfection, but it gives a good bang for your buck.


  • Sturdy design
  • Good battery life
  • Extremely loud


  • Relatively poor sound quality
  • Expensive compared to a portable PA
  • Water resistant, not waterproof