Cows have an inner personality that is desperately trying to escape.

Having worked with cows most of his life, the designer at Duck Designs has expressed some of the feelings his cows conveyed to him over the years and captures their alter egos.

As a new designer, he has launched a couple of his designs as Gizmo Cow T-shirts that will put a smile on your face.

Design 1: Bat Cow

Cows have always wanted to fly and as feathers aren’t an option, bat wings are all a cow can aspire to. With no real superpowers, Bat Cow relies on his superior intellect and physical advantage to fight farmyard crime.

Design 2: Mad Cow

Mad cow disease affects the more gifted cow in different ways.  The more schooling a cow gets, and the more a cow is entrenched into society, the more these gifted cows become confused and disillusioned.