Why gizmos are more popular than ever

Have you seen how the stores nowadays are full of gizmos of all shapes and sizes, big or small, colorful or discreet? These shops brag that they have only “unique” products – still, these items can be pretty much found in every store. So, why are there so many of them?

Simply put, we cannot get enough of these objects. We love gizmos, and we need to have as many of them as possible.

But why do we love them so much and why are they so popular nowadays? Let’s try to find some answers shall we?

What’s with the gizmo hype?

It’s not wrong to say that the gadgets we use define us. You’ll see that everyone has at least one piece of equipment on them when they leave the house. And the “smarter” that equipment is, the more highly regarded that person is.

Let’s say that you’re looking directly at two people: one of them has a regular wrist watch while the other one has a wrist watch with a calorie counter, a heartbeat sensor and other such smart applications that are new on the market. Which one will you be more impressed by?

4 smartwatches

Well, unless you are an antique collector, you probably couldn’t care less about the regular wristwatch. You’ll want to see the “new, shiny toy that all the cool kids seem to have.”

Look at iPhones, for example; each time a new one comes out, we go gaga over them and pay fortunes to get one. Why? Because it’s the “better” version.

It’s not like the 7th model is much different than the 6th one. But it’s the latest one. So, obviously, our brain goes into shopping mode. Maybe the only difference between the two is the camera resolution – still, that means it’s the better option!

Buying a new gizmo makes you the “hip” kid. Being among the first people to own this gadget is like being the first person to discover America: everyone will appraise you. This is why we keep buying them.

Why do we even need these gadgets? 

Well, of course we don’t really ‘need’ need these gadgets. But come on; everyone wants to be the “cool kid” with the latest phone.

Still, why did we start buying these gadgets in the first place?

Well, when the first cell phone appeared, it had one purpose and one purpose only: to allow us to make phone calls. Now, pick up the latest smartphone, and you’ll see that it does everything from automatically sending voice messages to counting all of the calories that you burn.

On the other hand, while most of the tasks may seem menial, these gizmos are very useful for making our life easier: they help organize your tasks, they plan your whole day – they even keep you entertained when you are bored out of your mind.

A simple cell phone can now become a phone book, a notepad, a reading book, a TV, an MP3 player, a recorder, a graphic tablet, a calculator, an Internet-connected computer and even your own Wi-Fi hotspot for your laptop! Did you now that? I didn’t…

It’s so simple even you can do it, in just a few seconds. Read the article Todd Haselton wrote about it right here. As he can explain it to you much better than I can.

So basically, everything you need in life can be stored in a device that fits the palm of your hand. Everything is so compact now that you MUST have it!

Obviously, there are still people who can live a good life without the use of gadgets; but if you are anything like me, going out of the house without your cell phone will be like stepping out while you are completely naked. It’s just enough to raise your anxiety levels.

Basic needs for survival
Top 5 reasons why today’s gizmos are popular

To go even deeper into the recent popularity of gizmos, here are a few reasons why gadget sales increased so much.

   1. They keep us connected

Let’s say that you have a sibling or a best friend who lives in another country; now, imagine that you only had the gizmos of the past. Could you still talk to them so often, like you did at home?

People that are nearing their 30s right now know the struggle of having to pay good cash to send an international text, let alone a phone call. Now, because there’s WiFi everywhere, everyone is on social media. People have apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype – and they all keep us constantly connected.

It doesn’t matter if you install them on your phone, computer, laptop or any Internet-connected device. Today’s gizmos are so versatile that they help you stay in touch with just about anything.

    2. They give us a better sense of safety

Take security gizmos, for instance; who could afford to pay for a high-tech camera in the past? You’d only find them in large enterprises that could afford the expense. Now, practically every house can own them.

Just look at the Night Owl for example. (Please allow me to shamelessly make a little promotion here)
8 cameras around your house keep an eye on everything. And keep you even informed in real time!?! Amazing!!

And the best part is that you can take that “security” with you. Since you can connect those cameras to your smartphone, you’ll have full control over what’s going on in your house (and it will definitely scare off any thieves).

   3. They’re portable and compact

Think about what a computer could do 10 or 20 years ago. Now think about what a smartphone can do today. In all senses, your cell phone is a personal computer that you can carry around everywhere. You can edit documents, send texts, watch videos on YouTube – it’s basically “one size fits them all.”

This applies to most gizmos nowadays too: laptops, tablets, wristwatches – who would have thought that, one day, you could send texts from a wristwatch?

All these items are incredibly easy to carry around right now, so it’s no wonder their popularity went up.

   4. They help us with our work

Today, there are many gadgets that help speed up our workflow – from office work to house chores. Let’s say you’re a housewife, and you didn’t have an electric vegetable cutter. You’d have to chop those vegetables by hand, and that is a process that would take long hours.

And let’s be honest; no one is willing to waste that much time on such a dull task nowadays.

So, we love gizmos because they make things much easier for us.

   5. They’re simply entertaining

Admit that you have at least 2 or three games on your phone to keep you busy when you are bored. The advantage of today’s smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets is that they can handle pretty much everything.

You can install high-tech games that are catchy, and you want to play them every day. Remember the Pokemon GO hype? You wouldn’t have seen people so focused on a game before, would you?

That’s because gadgets allow for more detailed sources of entertainment. Everyone loved to play “Snake;” but the idea of a wide, colored screen that mixes your surroundings with your favorite childhood cartoon is definitely more attractive.

These are only a few of the reasons why gadgets suddenly gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Since they are more technologically advanced, they enable us to do some things we couldn’t have done a decade ago. They are more versatile, easy to use and extremely entertaining.

Going for convenience

As we mentioned above, gizmos are a great way to make our lives easier. The more we advance in time, the more technologically evolved we become. At the same time, we are more reliant on our gadgets, since they help finish the job quickly.

For instance, in the past, people would have no ways of knowing where the best restaurant in town is – especially if they were tourists in the area. Now, with just a tap on the screen, you can find the top 10 restaurants in a matter of seconds.

Also, are you at a loss and don’t know what to get your girlfriend for her birthday? All you have to do is tap the screen and say “Siri, what gift should I get for my girlfriend?” You’ll automatically receive some suggestions from the Internet.

These apps even have their own A.I., so if you are really lonely or bored, you can ask them random questions. You’ll basically kill time by talking to a robot.

So, nowadays, people want quick solutions for their problems. And that’s what gizmos are for.

Whether you have a busy schedule – or the opposite, too much time on your hands – a gadget will make everything readily available. Yes, this means that you’re basically choosing the “lazy way out;” but for some people, this is crucial.

For instance, if you’re an important CEO, you might not have the time to go to a meeting in another city. Instead, you will start your laptop, go on Skype and hit the call button. It’s easier this way.

Gadgets in the past were not as convenient as today’s gizmos. If anything, they were a drag to carry around, since they were big and heavy. But now, they comprise the world in a small case. They offer solutions to every common or uncommon issue – that’s why we love them so much.

The fashionable buyer

Let’s face it; we don’t buy that new, fancy Beats set because we need it. If we’d only need something to hear, we’d manage with a pair of plain headphones from the dollar store.

But no, we want people to know that we are tech fashionable. We want to be popular by default – so we buy all the “in” things. Therefore, we get the latest Beats set and flash it out as often as we possibly can.

We wear them in public. We turn the volume up as if saying “Hey, my headphones are this awesome, how about yours?”

Baby with Headphone

In the end, that’s just the way we are. We want to be validated with the opinions of those around us. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to leave an impression.

Plus, the more stylish a gizmo is, the better it fits as a gift. Who wouldn’t love to receive a new pair of fancy-looking texting gloves? No one is impressed by the regular ones anymore – because they offer no tech. All they do is keep you warm.

And who cares about regular phone cases these days? Nope, you need one that can project the image of your phone to the wall. A case that will give you your own home cinema is definitely more exciting.

Returning to fashion now, everyone wants to get the prettiest stuff – and since producers are now focusing on making light and stylish gadgets, sales are skyrocketing. It’s very tempting to take a mirror selfie if you know that the phone you are holding in your hand is very cute and elegant.

Today’s gadgets were made to be wearable, which explains the sudden popularity. Devices made for keeping track of your fitness journey, for instance, also have attractive interfaces.

FitBit and many other companies created their calorie-counters to look like everyday jewelry.  This way, you aren’t embarrassed by the way the gadget looks like.

The desire to buy

Sometimes, we don’t really buy gizmos because we need them. We see that our friends or neighbors have them and we want to purchase them as well.

We live in a time when consumerism is at its peak, and therefore our brains are trying to convince us that we need those items – even though we may actually not.


Another reason why we keep buying these gadgets is that nowadays, they are made with an “expiration date.”

Look at smartphones, for example; the average one would work perfectly for about two years (or even less than that), and then it would start acting out – forcing you to change it. Our brains adapted to this fact, so instead of repairing it, we just buy a new one.

As Sean Hollister so perfectly explained in his blog “Your New Galaxy S6 Will Have a Built-In Expiration Date“. It’s cheaper to get a new gizmo nowadays than to repair it – which is why we buy and buy and then buy some more.

These gadgets are put right under our noses, so it’s impossible for us to resist the desire to have them. In other words, we buy them because our brains are now wired this way.

Final thoughts

It’s no secret that gizmos crept their way slowly but surely into our lifestyles. They made our lives much easier simply by being extremely versatile and bringing a solution to every daily issue. Instead of doing the job ourselves, it’s simpler to have the gizmo do it for us.

So, these devices are more popular than ever because we made them that way. We keep buying them in our attempts to simplify our lives and entertain us. And this trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon, I tell ya!