Amazfit – A1603 Arc Activity

The market is awash with very many tech gadgets that promise to help you track your fitness and keep healthy. Among these gadgets is the fitness wristband that still claims its place in the competition despite the growing attraction of smartphones. A case in point is the Amazfit A1603 Arc which comes into the picture to offer the convenience while keeping fit at an affordable price. The new model fitness tracker from Huami Company is a physical activity tracker that is designed to get the job done.


The band is made in a compact module with all the electronics and rubber strap in an all-plastic body. The band is stylish for any occasion and clothing. And cuts across all genders. The Amazfit is a perfect entry-level fitness tracker that keeps in check the calories burned, heart rate, distance traveled, and time spent in light and deep sleep and boasts a long battery life without hitting your wallet hard. It will be interesting to see how it measures with others already in the competition.


The Amazfit Arc comes now in a variety of colors. It has a 0.42-inch touch display limited to the bottom part of the screen. The glass front is black thus capable of hiding the screen when in sleep mode. The strap flaunts a diamond pattern that looks nice to touch and appealing to both genders. Unfortunately, you cannot change the straps on the device but the overall length is enough for any wrist. Some may consider this to be a deal-breaker especially for those who could have used the Fitbit Charge 2 before which allows you to change the straps.

The device weighs in at only 20 grams hence very light and does not feel on hand as you carry out your daily activities and even when you retire to bed. This little gizmo is also water-resistant thus it can be worn while you take a shower without compromising its performance. It can also be worn in the gym as you work out and the adjustable band allows you to wear it comfortably thanks to the enough fittings on the strap. You can as well wear it with other jewelry given that it is slim and fits well on the wrist so you won’t be feeling that your hand is overburdened or appear conspicuous.

approx. $69.99



The Arc comes with a 70mAh battery that Amazfit promises that it shall be able to provide up to 20 days of battery life on a single charge. This is a great win for those out into exercising or running every morning and evening, you will have enough usage time before running out of juice. Taking a closer look on the accelerometer and the optical heart power sensor that are said to be “power-efficient” the battery still runs out faster when used continuously. As such, this claim of power efficiency does not hold true. However, in real life the Arc shall get to give you about 16 days of battery, which is still a great deal for the trackers. The battery capacity of the Arc eschews other fitness trackers in the competition and provides a quick recharge time.


Under the hood, the Amazfit Arc comes with some good functionality features including the accelerometer and sensors that assist in keeping track of your steps, sleep phases and an optical heart rate monitor that gets to calculate your pulse. First things first, out of the box, you will need to download the Amazfit Arc application for your iOS or Android smartphone for easy use with the fitness tracker. The app allows you to set up your profile by entering the key data including your age, weight and gender. Having done this, the tracker shall be able to keep track of all your activities including counting your steps and phases in sleep. Additionally, the device comes in handy in reporting on messages, incoming calls and act as a reminder by vibrating if you stay too idle for long. The vibrator can also be used to wake you up. Users who normally have their phone on silent mode will find the incoming call alert a useful feature that will enable them not to miss important calls.

When it comes to sleep, the Arc rates your rest with the ability to show you the total sleep time and when you were either in deep or light sleep. It performs better than the Fitbit Charge 2 as a sleep tracker especially for deep sleep timings but then as always it will be difficult to tell the accuracy of the tracker considering the fact that you will be asleep! For measuring the heart rate, you can get the accuracy or consistency with more than one measurement. This is quite okay but then if you are not on a budget you can go for more accurate trackers in the market that cost more.


The Amazfit A1603 Arc suffices as a decent entry-level fitness tracker that does what it promises to do at an affordable price. When compared to the Fitbit and Amazon Equator, this is not the best device your money can buy. This is because it brings nothing new on board but then the long battery life and the budget price gives it an upper hand. The arc misses out on tracking specific workouts but then it is not a surprise considering the price tag. On the other hand, the arc maintains a basic and simplistic look while offering the necessary information that most users are after such as keeping track on the heart rate, daily steps, active calories burned and time spent in both light and deep sleep. All said, the Amazfit A1603 Arc is an amazing tracker that fits into the life of a user on a budget and after tracking his physical activities without getting overloaded with much information.


  • Inexpensive
  • Attractive and comfortable
  • The app is simple and intuitive


  • You cannot swap the strap
  • No leaderboard
  • Slightly readable in bright light