Alchemist Matter is an educational tool that teaches kids how to create Do-It-Yourself materials through chemical reactions. Inside the educational toolkit, you will find three modular test-tube racks, with samples of raw materials and three instruction sheets. Following the information, you will experiment with components that look similar to the naked eye but react differently—the same way that alchemists, the ancestors of chemists, did!

With the Alchemist Matter full kit you can give shape to your ideas, create a single material capable of floating in water or sinking like the Titanic, and remove a stain with the speed you can make it!

This educational toolkit leads children to make their first steps in chemistry, learning with creative, hands-on activities how science can be useful. The Alchemist Matter full kit is an educational tool for children from 6 to 12 years old, with the supervision of an adult.

  • First steps in chemistry
  • Handson activities to show how science can be useful
  • Educational tool for a progressive learning
  • Project funded on Kickstarter (January 2015), made in Italy
  • For 6 – 12 years old with the supervision of an adult


approx. $285.00


Gradual learning process

The instruction guides you through a gradual learning process. Once you have used the raw material samples, you can easily refill the containers with the same or different raw materials, as suggested in the instruction. The raw material samples come from products generally used around the home (i.e, flour, baby powder, sawdust, breadcrumbs, starch, salt, soap flakes, and so on.)

Safe product

All the sample materials are innocuous. It’s fundamental principle of this product. They must not be placed in the mouth, and for that reason the activities require the supervision of an adult.

What you get

Three modular test-tube racks, with containers filled with different raw materials, and instructions that guides you through a gradual learning process.

Limited edition

Alchemist Matter is a first limited edition made in Italy.

Who is this kit for

Children who like STEM and chemistry, and it’s also for parents to enjoy a good time with their children.

Experiments for kids

The set of 3 kits can be used both at home and as teaching tool for a class or at an entertainment camp. The raw materials are easy to find and the activities can be done by an individual or with a group of children supervised by an adult.

“One of the things that make it different from the kits that have come before is that each of these comes with a mission… it’s designed to give kids a tangible sense of what chemical interactions can do.”

— Margaret Rhodes for WIRED