NEVER BEFORE SEEN features drop the threshold of skills needed for drones to ANYONE WHO WANTS TO FLY. Hover-ready and Throw to Fly capable, this drone will make anybody an expert drone pilot in minutes. Let your friends try the newest toy drone out there, or even let Grandma fly it around the house. We wanted to give every person the opportunity to experience drone flight at its best, and we have succeeded with JETJAT ULTRA.

  • As Featured on Amazon’s handpicked Holiday Toy List and named Finalist for Toy Fair’s Toy of the Year 2017! The ULTRA Adventure for Everyone – Experience First Class Flight with Auto Landing, Takeoff, and Hover with the push of a button, features never before seen in mini drones. ULTRA is App Ready – take pictures and video and save it right to any smartphone.
  • Pro Drone pilot in minutes – with our auto pilot features, we have provide a unique opportunity to hone your skills to expert level status, to everyone. Just lift off and soar to ultra heights.
  • Smartphone ready – allows connection with your phone through Wi-Fi or remote control for crystal-clear video and photos. Use your phone as a display with the remote or complete Flight control.
  • Flying a Drone never felt so good! can Hovers on its own, controller Grips adjust for a natural feel and intuitive control. Great for indoors and out, record Everlasting memories easier than ever.
  • Flying is believing – the possibilities are endless with a Drone of this caliber – fun for hikes, beach parties, or even taking selfies, everywhere. Don’t take our word for it, fly it for yourself!


approx. $129.99


Small Yet Magically Powerful!

Think ULTRA is small? Think again! This deceivingly small drone has been uniquely designed to perform stunts like no other drone, and yet be super easy to control. Hobbyist-friendly! Switch to expert flight mode and maneuver around those tight turns with super speed!

ONE TOUCH! Throw it in the Air, or Let it Auto Hover!

Take photos and video, stream in a perspective not possible before! Impress your friends with aerial flips! This extremely engineered drone can perform advanced commercial stunts right from the palm of your hand!

A switch on the side gears up the drone, just throw it in the air and you’re ready to go! ULTRA makes flying easier than ever before with one touch take off, landing, and auto hover. An expert pilot in minutes!

Connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and use the new livestream mode to fly in first person view. Pilot your drone right from your phone or switch it to display and use it with your remote controller!

Having a drone with auto-hover lets you focus on the flying experience. Shoot selfies confidently with the push of a button. Take photos, shoot videos, and share them with your friends and family instantly from any device.

The Wait is Over!

Fly sky high with your new JETJAT ULTRA, the ultimate drone experience!

What makes the JetJat special?

It’s a drone that is jam packed with amazing functions, and incredibly easy to fly. Auto-pilot features like one touch take off, landing, and auto hover are commercial functions that have never been seen before in mini drones, and the very things that will allow all pilots to fly like an expert.