Sway is a hilarious, easy to play party game that highlights the positive in all things. Two players each have 30 seconds to debate the pros of two totally different topics. They can only explain the positives even for topics that don’t seem so on the surface, like “middle airplane seats” and “getting arrested.”

To add to the fun, both players complete the same challenge while making their case, like “speak like a pirate.” A judge picks the winner on whatever criteria they choose. Whether playing with total strangers or your best friends, Sway induces laughter and sparks jovial conversation. It will show you sides of your friends, family or co-workers you’ve never seen before.

Imagine hearing your grandma try to convince you that getting fired is awesome in her best (or worst) Scottish accent. That’s what Sway is like. It’s fun and funny, but not at anyone else’s expense.

  • A game of debate, silliness and silver linings that leads to belly aching laughter.
  • “Super easy to learn, definitely challenging, and filled with unexpected hilarity.” – Upworthy
  • “A game that turns alien abductions… and emptying the litter box into positives.” – King 5 TV
  • Compact and easily portable, small enough to fit in a medium-sized purse or hold in one hand.
  • Includes 500 Topics, 75 Challenges, 1 Alternate Case card, a spinner and a 30-second timer.


approx. $30.00


Laughter Created Through Positivity

The humor in Sway is positive. Players are challenged to think creatively in order to debate the pros of each topic even when on the surface it seems negative, like “getting pooped on by a bird” or “locking your keys in the car.”

It pairs unrelated topics and challenges to create hilarious and unexpected game play, like a player explaining the benefits of food poisoning while doing karate moves. The fun of the game is generated from the player’s imaginations rather than the cards themselves, so the game never wears out. Sway inspires thought and laughter rooted in positivity.

Fun for the Eyes & The Mind

Sway is a simple and stylistic game that is as visually appealing as it is fun to play. Most of the graphical elements of the game were custom designed, all the way down to the font on the backs of the cards. The drawings are humorous but the real fun of the game comes from the minds of the players as they make their case to a judge.

With captivating drawings to entertain your eyes and a wide breadth of Topic and Challenge Card combinations to engage your mind, Sway will provide endless hours of joy and laughter in your life.

Broad Content

The large number of different Topics (500) and Challenges (75) ensure that game play remains unique and interesting play after play. Topic cards are divided into “easy” and “not so easy” to ensure the game is fun for players of all skill level.

Original Artwork

Sway contains over 80 original drawing by artist, Sam Birchman. The simple, clean line drawings are included on each card element and give the game style and visual appeal in addition to humor and fun.

Compact & Easily Portable

The game box is small enough to carry in one hand or fit into a medium sized purse, making it easy to transport from one party to the next or take with you on your next family road trip.

A Game Company Focused on Positivity

At Silver Linings Games, our mission is to facilitate joy, connection and expression through the creation and publication of original board and card games. Our games are designed to be thoughtful, positive and most of all, hilariously fun.

What makes Sway special?

There are a few standout elements of Sway. First, Sway is a debate game, but players defend radically different topics instead of the same one and always take the “pro” stance. This leads to some hilarious combinations, like debating which is better: “the birth of Mike Tyson” or “getting gum stuck in your hair.”

Add in a challenge like “Incorporate Animal Noises,” and it goes from unique to downright hilarious. Sway also handles judging a bit differently than other games. The judge is not selected until after the debate has occurred, so players are not able to tailor their argument based upon who the judge is but instead have to make a case that has broad appeal.