Fobo Bike is the World’s First all Bluetooth Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System for 2, 3 and 4 wheelers. It is designed to promote road safety through the only contact points of the vehicles to the road surface – the tires. Optimum tire pressure ensures optimal road holding and vehicle performance, effective braking distance, longer tire tread life and better fuel efficiency. FOBO brand is an acronym for For Our Better wOrld. Our vision is to design products that embrace new technologies to enhance human living and preserve the environment.

  • Monitor bike tire pressure 24 x 7 via Smart Phone App, up to 19 wheels in one App.
  • Protect bike rider from risky deflated tires.
  • Allows riders who borrow the bike to use the product on their phones.


approx. $105.93


The air is free, don’t drive without it!

The most critical contact points of a moving vehicle to the road surface are the rolling tires. The tires need proper pressure to perform optimally. Low tire pressure causes fuel inefficiency, reduced car performance, poor handling, and puncture or blow-out when driving. Statistics shows that tires underinflated by more than 25 percent are three times more likely to be involved in a crash related to tire problems. FOBO Bike makes the monitoring of tire pressure handily and smartly to provide you with peace of mind and confidence in tire performance.

Best of science, best of design

FOBO Bike gives accurate and real-time reading of tire pressures when the rider is in Bluetooth range, 24/7. It protects the rider from the danger of inconspicuously underinflated tires and helps save costs with fuel efficiency and prolonged tire life. Designed with DIY installation, it can serve many years with user replaceable battery.

24/7 Monitoring

FOBO Bike monitors tire pressure and temperature even when the bike ignition is off. One can get an instant real time update when in Bluetooth range.

Multiple Selectable vehicle profiles

Multiple profiles for 2, 3 and 4 wheelers, including trailers


FOBO Bike App allows up to 100 authorized users to receive readings from the same FOBO Bike set. This quick sharing and intuitive feature enable multiple riders who share one bike to enjoy the features of FOBO Bike on their very own phones.

Easy DIY with 2-level Theft Deterrent Feature

Install FOBO Bike in less than 5 minutes without the need for professional help. Just screw on the sensor and follow the App’s on-screen instructions. There is a 2–level theft deterrent feature, namely a mechanical lock nut and a cloud-based ID lock. The theft deterrent lock nut requires a proprietary wrench to unscrew. A cloud ID locks the sensors and In-car unit to owner’s FOBO Cloud account rendering stolen sensors not re-usable. You will also be notified by the App if any tire sensor is missing.

Most riders have encountered situations where they need to rush for an urgent appointment only to be stranded by a flat tire. A conventional Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for bikes could not alert the rider in advance conveniently because it requires the use of a separate receiver. With FOBO Bike, the rider will get an alert as soon as the tire pressure drops below a certain pre-set level and as long as the paired smartphone is within Bluetooth range (~~30m). This alert gives the rider time to get the deflated tire fixed before the need to use bike arises.