Como Audio – Duetto Wireless Music System

The Como Audio Duetto is a modern wireless speaker that comes complete with built-in support for internet Radio, Spotify Connect, FM radio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The system maintains high class aesthetics, flaunting physical knobs, round grilles and wooden cabinets.

The warm walnut casing in the Duetto makes it a stunning piece of kit that looks at home in any setting-bedside, kitchen, office, or in your living room. It comes with an infrared remote control and a mobile app that makes it easier to control the system. The Duetto might not match up with other devices in the digital streaming era as an audio source but remains unmatched with its immaculate design and other features including the alarm clock.


The Como Audio comes with a 30-watt-per-channel (RMS) class D amplifier driving a pair of 19mm soft dome tweeters and two 3-inch long-throw woofers. The sound waves are reflected with the help of a vertical surface behind it whereas the bass port helps with the reproduction of low frequencies. The bass produced does not travel far neither does it deliver a powerful that we have seen in other high-end tabletop speakers such as the more expensive Sonos Play 5 and the Bowers & Wilkin’s Zeppelin Wireless. The system however produces enough sound for casual listening while relaxing in your home theater section.


The design of the Como Audio Duetto exudes confidence with its furniture-grade fit with a walnut veneer finish. The cabinet is made of half-inch thick MDF with metallic control knobs that give the Duetto a premium look. It comes with two-way speakers with 3-inch woofers on both sides and a 0.75-inch soft dome tweeter that are all protected by a metal grille. The system measures 5.5 x 14.6 x 5.3 inches and weighs 6.6 pounds that makes it a perfect companion for listening to your music be it while in your siting room or rest room. Should you want a lighter system you can go for the Como Audio Solo that comes with similar features but differ in size and a number of drivers. Solo is a compact pill high system that measures 5-inches H x 9.5-inches W x four.7-inches.

The system comes with a metallic control panel that flaunts a simple design, with six small preset buttons above the display. You will find three knobs below the display with each playing a primary role. One is meant for power/volume, another one is meant for scrolling through the menus and stations/tracks and the third one is for selecting the source. The good thing with the presets is that they are independent therefore you can easily get to set them to access your favorite internet radio direct, FM stations or any other source that you could prefer. As such, you can get to switch instantaneously between your local news radio to BBC and then to your online music library. Setting up this gizmo is so easy and fast. All you need to do is turn on this gizmo and the set up wizard will guide you through some basic steps including setting up the time and date and connecting your Wi-Fi network.


Como Audio Duetto


The Duetto offers you three control options which include turn knobs and push buttons located on the front panel, a Como control app or the supplied remote control. The app offers an intuitive way of operating a single system while offering options for linking multiple Duettos in a Wi-Fi based multi-room system. Using a single system as a server, you can create zones or groups for up to four client systems. As such, you can play the same song in other Duetto systems placed in different rooms of your home and you can control the volume of each system independently or decide to use the master volume.

approx. $399.00

Music Sources

The Duetto offers a variety of options to enable you access music from almost any kind of source. You can get to enjoy your online music either from the internet radio or Spotify connect or use your Network through a DLNA media server that runs through a NAS box. It doesn’t get much easier more than using your smartphone which you can get to connect through Bluetooth with NFC which makes pairing easy and AptX codec support for near-CD audio quality. Amazingly, the music does not get interrupted with a phone call. Should you want to take the option of using a USB drive, the Duetto has that option available for you and it can play different music formats including WAV, WMA, MP3, FLAC and AAC files. Additionally, there is a Toslink digital optical input and a 3.5mm headphone jack that you can as well get to utilize. There is also two high res audio auxiliary inputs that support up to 24 bit/192KHz.



It should not be a problem to stream music from the different sources including your smartphone Bluetooth, internet radio, Spotify, USB hard drive, USB flash drive and a WD Cloud mirror NAS box on your network. Noticeably, it is more convenient playing music from a storage device since you can get to listen to your friend’s collection who might come along with his or her hard drive. Alternatively, you can use a Wi-Fi connection since the Duetto comes with an 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter. However, the system does not come with the option of a hardwired Ethernet. Important to note when using hard drives is that the Duetto might lack the oomph needed to spin a 250GB hard drive and above but with a lesser storage device, all should be well for you.

The most fascinating feature of the Duetto comes in the way of its internet radio which offers a variety of stations. The system is organized into 10 regions including Oceania, Middle East, Central America and Asia. There are also popular stations listed including BBC radio and hundreds of new stations. Selecting a region leads you to a list of countries and when you pick a country, you get a list of stations organized by genre. It is possible to search for local podcasts, local stations and HD radio on the internet and go further to create your favorite list of radio channels. The app comes in handy for exploring the Duetto efficiently compared to using the front panel which is a bit tedious.


The Duetto has a 3.2-inch non-touchscreen display with a low resolution for displaying the various connectivity options. This is a feature that most speakers in this category don’t come with. If you are interested in using a touchscreen, then there is a Como audio app available for your smartphone for iOS and android. Alternatively, you can abandon your smartphone and make good use of the infrared remote that come with the Duetto.

Final Word

The Como Audio Duetto is a decent and remarkably versatile audio system capable of delivering a strong and reliable performance. The Como Audio weds well its uncomplicated look with the newest state-of-the-art audio high quality and streaming capabilities. It gets to connect with almost any type of source for you to listen to your favorite music.

The sources include Spotify, a disc player, internet radio, your own network, over 20,000 terrestrial FM Radio and USB storage. The Duetto is not a ground-breaking audio system as it lacks a sub-woofer option hence the sound is likely to become distorted if you push it a little too hard. The system however gets loud enough before approaching that limitation. If you are looking for a gift that looks as good as it sounds, you cannot go wrong with the Como Audio Duetto.


  • Streaming via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Solid built quality and High-fidelity sound
  • An impressive app and the traditional remote


  • Not battery-powered
  • No hardwired Ethernet port
  • No wireless subwoofer option