Meural combines the best of art, tech, and design to create products that make us feel something. Our flagship product, the Meural Canvas, is a Wi-Fi-enabled digital canvas built to showcase artwork. Each frame gives you instant access to 20,000+ works of art and photography, and it’s easy to upload your own. We put control at your fingertips—use touch-free gesture control, our app, or website to browse and add new art. Our proprietary technology renders each image as lifelike and textured as a real painting, and the frame itself is authentic wood, with a special edition lightbox design.

  • Meural digital canvas – light box limited edition.
  • 27″ Full HD ips 1080p, 8GB of storage.
  • Wi-Fi enabled, renders art lifelike.
  • Access our collection of 20, 000+ works of art and photography.
  • Upload your own images and curate on our platform.

approx. $695.00


Instant, seamless control

There are three easy and intuitive ways to control the frame: 1) wave your hand across the sensor area at the bottom panel (in either landscape or portrait orientations), 2) use the Meural app, available in iOS and Android, 3) control with your own personal dashboard on

Lifelike, textured quality

With the Meural Canvas, seeing is believing. Featuring an anti-glare matte display with in-plane switching technology (IPS) to optimize color and viewing angle consistency, and software that recognizes the artwork’s original medium. A built-in ambient light sensor seamlessly adjusts the light of each image to match the room.

Meural - Digital Canvas Lightbox 2

The Meural library

With each frame, you get instant access to 20,000 images, from artists past, present, and future. Covering classic works to contemporary and beyond, our collection was crafted to spark discovery and expression.

Authentic wood frame

Every frame is built from natural wood with an interior mat board to evoke a gallery setting. It’s just another way the Meural Canvas augments any interior.

Landscape and portrait modes

The Meural Canvas is versatile—it’s simple and easy to change orientations. (The are two sensors, so gesture control works in either alignment.)

Let’s spark discovery and inspire expression.

Meural combines the best of art, technology, and design to create products that make us feel something. Let’s make art universally accessible, and a part of people’s daily lives.

What makes the Meural Canvas special?

Most people who walk by the Meural Canvas assume it’s a real painting, and don’t think twice. But it is nothing if not for the art it showcases.

Choose from a wonderful collection of art and photography meant to provoke experts and novices alike. The frame also empowers the user, giving them the ability to curate our library, or add their own images.