Everything you cook comes out precisely how you want it, every time. The June Oven uses an HD camera and powerful software, leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence to identify common foods and cook them using the best technique.

  • Six carbon fiber heating elements with dual adaptive convection fans.
  • June food ID technology and 50+ cooking programs.
  • High-precision food thermometer.
  • Safe to touch exterior.
  • June companion app for iOS.
  • Built-in digital scale.


approx. $1490.00


Saves You Time

No more hovering when cooking dinner, the June Oven uses sensors and artificial intelligence to recognize, monitor and cook food to your liking. You can depend on June to cook your food, giving you back time in your day.

Knows What You’re Cooking

Equipped with an HD camera and over 50 preset cooking programs, the June Oven identifies a growing index of food and offers the ideal cooking recommendations, eliminating the guessing game. From caramelized butternut squash to juicy, roast chicken, June bakes, broils and roasts to perfection every time.

Heats Up Smarter and Faster

Using six carbon fiber heating coils, June preheats three times faster than other ovens. The dual adaptive convection fans eliminate cold spots and reduce cooking time. June’s heavy duty insulation makes it safe to touch on the outside.

Control from Start to Finish

June’s precision dial and 5-inch touchscreen let you control every aspect of cooking. Receive customized alerts on your phone, watch or tablet via the June app. Watch live videos of your food cooking and control your June Oven from anywhere.

Precise Cooking

Accurate up to 1°F, the June Food Thermometer measures the internal temperature of your food whilst in the oven. Use when cooking meat, fish, pie, baked potatoes and much more, ensuring that your food is cooking exactly how you like it.

Always Learning

A team of chefs has been training June to perform like one of them. When you cook a steak for the first time, you are able to do it with the expertise and precision of a chef who has cooked 100+ steaks in a June Oven. As more and more foods are cooked, June will continue to adapt, learn and improve.