The Teforia reveals the true flavor of your favorite teas, taking the loose leaves from ordinary to extraordinary. Leave the guesswork to the Teforia, which makes the delicate, complicated process of infusion a simple, sensory experience. Experience your perfect cup of tea — every time.

  • Our intelligent infuser is able to “read” each tea package and automatically initiate the optimal brewing recipe.
  • The beautifully designed double-walled carafe is a functional work of art that keeps your tea warm and ready for sharing.
  • Our easy-to-clean, stain-resistant borosilicate glass carafe and infusion globe are surrounded by high-impact, BPA-free plastic to withstand daily use.
  • Wireless connectivity communicates with your smartphone for an even deeper tea experience in the free Teforia app.
  • Designed to live on your countertop, lights will only illuminate when in use to alert you of infusion progress.


approx. $1500.00


The art and science of tea.

Every tea is unique and has a story to tell. Teforia’s Selective Infusion Profile System (Teforia SIPS) determines the optimal infusion recipe to bring out the best in flavor and complexity to produce tea like you’ve never tasted before.

A tea master in your own home.

The perfect cup is the one you love. Explore the story behind your favorite Teforia teas and add your own favorites to the Tea Pantry. The Teforia app lets you maximize your experience and reveal new flavors in your old favorites.


Engage your senses! Experience the theater of infusion the Teforia creates. Touch and smell the artisanal, whole-leaf tea. Watch the leaves dance as they transform into a rainbow of vibrant colors. Sip and savor the most flavorful and aromatic tea you’ve ever tasted.


Learn how tea’s flavor is reflected in the terroir and seasonality of its harvest, much like wine. Experience estate-to-cup, single-origin teas. Enjoy the purity of every tea – every time.


Inspire friends with the passion and insights of the world’s tea masters. Let the unique tea cultures from around the world nourish your body and soul.

What makes the Teforia so special?

It lets user experience new tea cultures, traditions and rituals by enjoying the highest-quality natural teas the world has to offer. Essentially, the Teforia is designed to bring an entire world of tea growers, drinkers, flavors and cultures together in every perfectly crafted cup.