LaMetric – Time Wi-Fi Clock

The LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock is a revolutionary invention by Smart Atoms that integrates state of the art features for everyday use. The device comes with a number of unique interfaces that users can choose from. Its main selling point lies in the fact that the LaMetric allows its users to track their tweets, emails, weather, news, deadlines for meetings and much more. The device is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music and most importantly you can get to connect it via Wi-Fi.


This gizmo is also capable of connecting to IFTT thereby making it a future ready device that many folks will want to have in their company. It fits into the life of users who want a simple device for various settings including timers, alarms, viewing various notifications be it from your YouTube subscribers, twitter followers, emails or Facebook likes and much more.  

Design and Features

The LaMetric comes in a clean, simple and stylish design. The small form factor unit is designed to fit well into various places of your choice, be it on the counter, table, wall or your office desk. It measures 7.9 x 1.4 x 2.4 inches and weighs 0.9 pounds, so you don’t have to worry carrying it around from home to the office and back home in the evening. On the top of the device, there are left and right touch buttons for navigation between metrics and the middle touch button for taking related actions. The middle touch button also works as an enter key that comes in handy when handling programmed responses, for instance, accepting calendar invitations.

The LaMetric comes with a mini-USB power adapter that can also be used to connect to an Ethernet network. The device can also connect via Wi-Fi and it comes with a built-in battery that makes it easy to use for outdoor activities. There is Bluetooth connectivity that will allow you to stream music from your mobile phone. Alternatively, there is an auxiliary input jack for connecting an external source to listen to your music. There are volume controls on the sides where the speakers are situated. Unfortunately, it does not come with a built-in battery hence requires being connected to a power source for it to work. However, you have the option of purchasing a Lametric with a built-in battery but you shall have to adjust your budget upwards.

The device comes with a LED screen that can easily be confused to be part of the casing when the device is switched off. The screen projects bright, sharp, square pixels which are projected by powerful LEDs using a special filter that makes them isolated and easy to look at. The display is clear making it possible to view it across the office or room. This makes it possible to share the metrics be it with your colleagues, customers or family members.

approx. $199.00



The set up for the LaMetric has been made easy. After plugging in the LaMetric, all you need to do is to launch the mobile app and then get it connected to the Wi-Fi to complete the widget set up. When the set-up is ready, you can now get to control your LaMetric remotely with your smartphone. 

Mobile App

The mobile application for the LaMetric comes with a responsive user interface that makes it easy to manage the device. The built-in apps include Internet Radio, weather, Date and Time. You can control all these apps using a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS. There are more apps to download from the store for your personal use including twitter, Facebook, and stock price changes. The LaMetric can as well be used for fitness goals, as a stopwatch and countdown, date ticker. The real-time display gets to take care of athletes with task and fitness goals and a programmable interval timer for CrossFit. On the other hand, the weather app can show additional things apart from the temperatures such as the speed of wind, humidity, pressure, precipitation and visibility.


The LaMetric takes automation a notch higher by allowing you to pair the device with IFTT online to keep yourself updated on various issues including scores for your favorite team. If you integrate the device with SmartThings and WigWag while at home, you can get to keep track of the movement of your pets in and out of the house or the backyard. It can as well get to alert you of break-ins, change in temperatures and in the case of floods. It also comes in handy in reminding you about upcoming anniversaries and birthdays.

The LaMetric works well as an office tool, for instance, keeping track on money received on PayPal, making conversions, checking on the number of visitors to your website and other important business metrics. Responding to different notifications is made easy with the use of the “action” button situated at the top of the device. For instance, if you receive a meeting notification pop up, the press button gives you a number of options to undertake such as declining the meeting or getting to inform the other members that you will be late. Similarly, if you have a Facebook notification, clicking on the action button will automatically open Facebook on your browser.


The LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock is a decent device that comes into the world of tech to change our perception on display clocks by doing much more. It pulls data through Wi-Fi, you can use Bluetooth-enabled speakers or the internet radio. And you can link with IFTT capabilities which is a highlight point for the device. To get you going there are five pre-installed apps namely the clock, internet radio, weather, stopwatch and timer. The speakers in this device are a little bit too harsh, they get reasonably loud but they do not have much richness of bass on them. They are a little bit too painful to listen to them for a long period of time. Overall, looking at the LaMetric Wi-Fi time clock with its many possibilities including the freedom to add more apps from Play Store or App store, it suffices as a digital device worth a long look if you are looking for a great gift.  


  • An amazing display
  • A dedicated app store


  • Relatively expensive
  • Unable to connect to hidden networks