A wearable tech clutch with LED lights that are programmable from a phone app. From our app, choose animated LED pixel art designs curated from our network of artists and display text messages. The CAT Clutch also includes a built in power bank to charge your phone, pouchee to store money and credit cards, and a storage bag.

  • A classic clutch
  • One book, you choose your look
  • Built in phone charger port
  • Change designs and display text with our IOS or android app
  • 8-10 hour battery life


approx. $599.00


One Bag, You Choose Your Look

Other than the fact it’s a functional bag, it’s got a bunch of LEDs, 512 to be exact. With so many LEDs, we can produce some unique animations and also scrolling text. Because the LED display is so eye catching, the bag turns into a natural conversation starter.

Storage & Built in Phone Charger

Inside the CAT Clutch there is plenty of room for a user’s belongings (room for an iPhone 7 or Galaxy Note), lipstick slot, and a beautiful mirror engraved with the CAT logo installed with a USB port to charge your phone. The clutch has 10–12 hours of continuous use battery life.

Clutch or Cross Body

Hand carry as a clutch or attach the strap and use over the shoulder or cross body.

Scrolling Messages

Storage for your phone (fits an iPhone 7 Plus), money, and credit cards. Use the built in phone charger port when your phone is running low.

Smart Phone App with Bluetooth

Pair your CAT Clutch with our iOS or Android app over Bluetooth.

The Ultimate Evening Bag

Our mission is to create the ultimate evening bag, a wearable piece of art. A bag you can continuously customize to match your mood through the included designs and designs you create.