Torch is a brand that was created by cyclists so we understand the importance of safety when it comes to urban riding. That’s why our first product, the T2 bike helmet with integrated lighting is the perfect helmet for staying safe and stylish on your ride.

The T2 is so impressive that it has already won three separate awards. Its integrated LED lights help make the rider visible from 360 degrees and above most objects on the road.

The included USB cable makes a snap to recharge the lights on the go yet with up to 36 hours of battery life, it means you won’t need to charge them so often. The shatter proof polycarbonate lenses protect the electronics and the helmet has exceeded all helmet regulations for CPSC and CE certifications.

  • In-mold construction.
  • 10 integrated LED lights/USB rechargeable.
  • Up to 6 hours battery life on steady or 36 hours on flash.
  • 4 different light functions including flash.
  • 13 oz. weight/360 g.


approx. $149.99


Visibility With Style

The front and rear lights of the T2 wrap around to the sides of the helmet making you visible to motorists, pedestrians or anyone you need to be seen by while riding. The textured lenses help to disperse the light making it even easier to be noticed.

Know When To Recharge

The helmet’s charge indicator light will blink once for each 25% of battery level left in each of the front and rear batteries so you’ll always know when to recharge. Plug your T2 in with the included USB cable and the charge indicator light will stay on until the battery has a full charge, about an hour and a half.

Easy Operation

The white front and red rear lights can be operated independently of one another with a simple push button and with four different light functions it’s easy to get the lights set up just how you like to ride.

Easy On Your Style

The simple and clean design of the T2 means that it will look good with your daily style whether you’re headed to work or just out for a spin.

Flexible Design

The T2 is a single-size design that has a size range from 54 – 61cm. The flexible dial adjust fit system and two different pad thicknesses make it easy to get just the right fit.

Look Good In the Day and Be Seen In the Night

Torch Apparel is a brand that focuses on the safety and style of cyclists. With the launch of the T1 and T2 bicycle helmets, Torch has already set itself apart from many cycling brands.

By focusing on riders’ actual needs and using intelligent design to deliver versatile and original products, we will continue to set the standard for cyclist focused products. Torch is a private company created, owned, and operated by real cyclists who enjoy riding for daily transportation, bettering our community, and even the occasional competition.

We are very proud and thankful for all of our supporters and the value and validity they bring to our brand.