What is Revolar? At the push of a button, Revolar lets you and your loved ones be there for each other, even when you’re apart. This beautifully designed wearable is discreet enough to wear anywhere, yet powerful enough to alert trusted contacts with your real-time location if you’re ever uncomfortable or in need of help.

  • With 1, 2, or 3 clicks, Instinct lets contacts know your location and if you’re safe, uneasy, or in an emergency.
  • Personalize your alerts: choose what they say and which contacts get each level of alert.
  • Silent vibrating feedback lets you know when each alert is triggered, so you can focus on the situation at hand.
  • Two clicks can make your phone ring with a pre-recorded audio call, for any situation when you need a voice on the other end of the line.
  • Replaceable battery with up to 1 year of life included: no installation, no charging, no cords, no hassle.
  • Works with iOS & Android. Water resistant (2m depth), military-standard drop proof (2m drop).


approx. $79.99


Help the Moment You Need It

With multiple alerts levels, Revolar Instinct lets you send for support as soon as your gut tells you something is wrong. Just double-click to send Yellow Alerts to contacts with your live location and a custom message. That way, you can get the support you need before a situation becomes worse.

Safety You’ll Love Wearing

Instinct helps you stay in touch with positive Check-in messages, move more with step tracking, and get support in non-emergencies with Yellow Alerts. It even chirps to help you find it if it’s misplaced. We designed Instinct so you love wearing it every day, so it will be there if you ever need it.

Medical Conditions

Instinct makes it fast & easy to reach out to loved ones with your location and specific instructions. Unlike other devices, there are no fees for sending alerts. (Messaging and data rates may apply)

Campus Safety

Instinct gives college students a simple, fast way to ask for help from friends. It also gives teenagers a discreet way to let parents know if a party is out of control or they need to be picked up.

Aging in Place

Many can’t afford $30/month for safety support; that’s why Instinct has no ongoing fees. Plus, along with sending for help, it can be used to check in with family or to count steps when out on a run.

Trust Your Instinct

Other safety devices tend to treat complex situations as 0-to-100 emergencies. We built Instinct after listening to 100s of survivors who wanted something to prevent bad situations from turning worse.

What makes Instinct special?

The best safety device is the one you wear every day. That’s why we built features that let you stay in touch, hit step goals, ping your keys, and even fake a phone call to ditch awkward situations.