The Solo is the easiest way to hear better in difficult listening environments, like loud restaurants or crowded places. A personal sound amplifier (PSA), the Solo provides a sound boost while suppressing background noise, and is great for use during a conversation.

It is tiny and discreet and sits comfortably behind the ear. For a more personalized experience, you can download the Audicus Tuner app on an iPhone or iPad, and complete some listening exercises. We can then use this to tailor the Solo to your listening preferences!

Please note that you’ll need free headphones to complete the exercise; please contact Audicus directly for details on how to obtain the Tuner Kit and specialized headphones.

  • The Solo is a personal sound amplifier that provides a sound boost in difficult listening environments.
  • It is great in loud restaurants, during soft conversations, and while watching TV.
  • The Solo boasts four volume programs, each tailored for a different acoustic environment.
  • FREE optional iOS app with headphones to personalize the Solo. Contact Audicus directly for details.
  • Comes with complimentary hardshell carrying case for easy transport and safe storage.


approx. $798.00


The smart listening solution

The Solo boasts state-of-the-art technology that amplifies speech while drowning out background noise. Its four volume programs make it adaptable to different listening environments.

With optional personalization

The Audicus Tuner app, available on Apple devices, allows people to select listening preferences. Audicus can use these preferences to customize the device for the user. Contact Audicus for details on how to obtain the accompanying Tuner Kit.

Order the Solo

Order the Solo personal sound amplifier on Amazon. The order process is simple, and you can prepare yourself for an enhanced listening experience.

Request a Tuner Kit

Contact Audicus directly to indicate that you would like a free setup kit. The free, Kit-compatible headphones will be sent to you to use in conjunction with the Tuner App.

Use the App

Download the Audicus Tuner App on an iPhone, or iPad and complete a series of listening exercises. Contact Audicus to send the headphones back and learn how to personalize your Solo to your preferences.

Affordable, Accessible Hearing Solutions for All

Audicus aims to provide hearing assistance to all those in need. Traditional hearing products, used for either true hearing loss or a simple boost (as is the case for the Solo), can retail at anywhere from three- to eight-thousand dollars.

By providing hearing solutions online, Audicus is able to cut out hefty intermediary costs like those of a clinic or storefront, and therefore can offer high-quality, digital devices at hundreds, instead of thousands, of dollars.

Everyone has the right to be able to hear, and Audicus is here to make it happen.