The ORA-1 is the most complete and powerful smart glasses developer platform available today that allows hands-free mobile AR experiences. Targeting application developers and enterprise segments, the ORA-1 runs a standard version of Android (4.4 KitKat) and features a disruptive see-through retinal projection technology that is more robust, higher resolution, and power efficient than any competing technology on the market. Despite vastly superior hardware and functionality, the ORA-1 is the most affordable device on the market – A breakthrough that enables Android developers around the world to create the next disruptive hands-free, always-on, wearable computing applications. The ORA-1 runs standard Android apps -just like any standalone Android smartphone or tablet device.

  • Large See Through Display
  • High Brightness
  • Flip-Vu (dual viewing modes)
  • Augmented Reality Capable
  • Full trackpad


approx. $796.47


Hands Free AR

Clear-Vu is a patented game changing display technology for AR eyewear applications. It allows see-through vision while displaying a virtual image simultaneously. The Clear-Vu system has a high see-through ratio, wide viewing angle, is light weight, and shatter proof. Furthermore, it is the most cost effective and scalable approach available for near to eye display products as all key components are based on molded plastic. ‘Clear-Vu’ is at the heart of the ‘ORA’ line of products.


Hands free pedestrian GPS and geolocalization means that you don’t have to hold your smart device in front of you when trying to find your way.

Virtual Dashboard

All the information you get from your smart device with the huge benefit of being hands free and always on. Get alerts on incoming SMS, e-mail, twitter and facebook, answer calls, listen to music, watch videos and news. The ‘info snacking’ possibilities are endless.

Location Based Services

Get maps, information on sightseeing, restaurant ratings, localized real-time information on attractions, museum apps, and more.

Front Facing Camera

5 Mega pixel with autofocus and 1080p recording.

Voice Recognition

Microphone and sound equipped for voice commands.

Full Landscape Mode

4:3 Resolution: 33 pixels/ degree.

Display Characteristics
  • Full Color Landscape 4:3
  • 80g Total Weight (3.5 lbs)
  • Dual Core 1.2Ghz ARM Cortex
  • 1GB DDR + 4GB Flash
  • Android 4.4
Electronic Characteristics
  • Bluetooth 4 and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n with Miracast
  • USB for charging and link
  • Acoustic echo and noise cancellation microphone
  • Brightness ~3000 Nits
  • Resolution 33 pixels/ degree