Findster Kids was designed to help parents assure their peace of mind! Our proprietary technology uses high-precision GPS to connect yourself with the ones you love. There are two Findsters wirelessly connected to each other, one for you and another for your child. Using the Findster App, you can find their position in real-time and take advantage of several useful features to assure their safety – including alerts if they leave previously defined safe areas.

Easy to setup and use, Findster Kids is an asset to the whole family: parents quickly feel more confident, while kids love having their very own safety badge – almost like a superpower!

  • Live GPS monitoring: use the Findster app to find your loved ones on your IOS or android device.
  • Geo-fencing: Receive alerts if your children leave a customized safe area.
  • Interconnectivity: Monitor multiple kids & share access to their Findsters with family and friends.
  • History: Revisit past locations.
  • No contract or monthly fees required: Pay it once and use it forever.


approx. $149.99


Never lose sight of your kid again!

Findster Kids uses high-precision GPS technology to monitor your children’s location in real-time, in a radius of up to 1 mile around your position. Using the Findster App, just check your kids’ position on the map and you’ll know exactly where they stand! While providing state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities, the App uses an effective interface, focusing on precision and ease of use.

Free of monthly fees and contracts

Contrary to every other GPS tracker for kids on the market, Findster Kids is completely free of data fees! Why should you keep paying for something you’ve already bought? We feel that this mindset is outdated, and Findster Kids was born out of our will to provide an alternative. There are no extra payments whatsoever, making it the first GPS tracker for kids without monthly fees! Pay once, use it forever.

Define a specific safe area around the children’s position, and be immediately notified whenever your kids leave that space. Simple and practical!

If they get lost or hurt, the kids can ask for help by pressing the Panic Button – you will receive an immediate alert on your smartphone via the Findster App.

Monitor multiple kids and share access to their Findsters with family and friends. Sharing is caring, and it’s never been easier!

Always ready for a new adventure!

Findster Kids does not require a cellular connection to work! This means that there are no geographical barriers – you can use it anytime and anywhere, without restrictions. So whether you’re taking a quick trip to the local park, spending a day at the beach or a family weekend at an amusement park, Findster Kids keeps you connected with the ones you love and helps you guarantee they’re safe.

What makes Findster Kids special?

It uses a proprietary communication protocol that allows Findster Kids to be independent from Telecommunication corporations. Because of this, Findster is the first GPS tracker for kids completely free of monthly fees!