When you combine new-age technology with trendy design, you get the Omate Racer. Focusing on a familiar feel, we’ve designed a fashionable accessory that’s more than just a watch. With push notifications and time synchronization, the Omate Racer enhances your lifestyle. Whether it’s in the gym, at home or at work , you’ll always be connected. It’s simple, it’s cool, and it just looks good.

  • Smartwatch – Push Notifications from iOS and Android.
  • 4 days standby time battery life / 300mAh rechargeable battery.
  • 1.22 inch Reflective Always On Color Display – Touch Panel.
  • Pedometer.
  • ARM7 – MT2502 Aster.


approx. $149.00


Stay Connected in Every Situation

With the Omate Racer, your friends are just a glance away. Push notifications remind you of important messages, calls and tasks directly to your wrist so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

Complement Your Personal Style

The Omate Racer’s trendy style brings casual fashion to smartwatches. With a choice of colors, there is sure to be a watch that is perfect for you. Show us who you are with your own Omate Racer.


Connect with your iOS or Android smartphone using Bluetooth technology. It’s simple and efficient.

Always-on Color Display

When not in use, the screen dims so that you can always check the time even in sunlight, just like a traditional watch.


Track your steps to monitor your daily activity.

We Are Omate

Here at Omate, we believe that technology is what you carry and fashion is what you wear. This principle guides every part of our design and manufacturing process. We create products that you want to wear.

With a touchscreen, push-notification, music control and a pedometer is the Omate Racer just like a traditional watch, only better.