Virtual mobile theater for cinematic movie watching and immersive gaming. Mind-blowing movie watching and game playing experiences wherever you go in complete immersive comfort. The crispest, sharpest images, enlarged in a cinematic format coupled with theatrical sound. Enjoy every-day, ubiquitous content – e.g., Amazon, Netflix, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. Designed for long-view entertainment, Royole-X is perfect for movie watching and gaming for travel or at home. Foldable design, ideal for portability. Comes with leatherette carrying case.

  • Foldable, ergonomic design. Compact and portable for on-the-go entertainment.Customizable for long-view watching in comfort.
  • Watch movies and play games with the highest resolution (3,300 PPI) AMOLED display, The sharpest, crispest images enlarged in a cinematic format.
  • Powerful noise cancelling technology (22dB) + high fidelity audio for immersive and theatrical sound.
  • Easy-to-use and yet powerful Royole-X OS accessible via the right ear cup’s touch wheel control.
  • Access online and offline ubiquitous content via WiFi, HDMI, Micro USB as well as internal storage. Enjoy every day content such as Amazon, Netflix, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Android, etc.
  • Comes with leatherette carrying case for stylish portability.


approx. $999.00


The world’s first foldable, fashionable ergonomic design

More than 100 patents were filed to create a foldable, ergonomic-centric design that is compact for portability and adjustable for personalized, comfortable usage. Both the visual display arm as well as the headband are adjustable for custom fit and even weight distribution. Customize optical power (-5.0 to +2.0) and pupillary distance (56mm to 70 mm) for comfortable viewing without corrective eyewear.

Enjoy ubiquitous content from both online and offline sources

Amazon, Netfllix, Xbox, Playstation, iOS and Android are some of the few. Watch movies and games from nearly any source including PCs, set-top boxes, game consoles and smart phones. Access content via HDMI, WiFi, micro USB as well as 16GB of internal storage.

Enhanced viewing experiences with the highest resolution in the world

At 3,300 pixels per inch (10x greater than smart phones), the finest visual experience using the most advanced AMOLED displays. Every image and frame is incredibly sharp and vivid. Amazing contrast ratio, super-fast response time and deep, true colors for breathless visual experiences.

Strong noise cancellation + high fidelity audio for theatrical sound experience

Slip Royole-X over your ears and lose yourself in the cinematic sound. Powerful noise cancellation (22db) audio ensures not being disturbed by the outside world. Professional grade fidelity, with strong and deep bass. All-axial ear cups for snug, perfect fit.

Easy-to-use and yet powerful Royole-X OS for personalized viewing experiences

Touch wheel control on the right ear cup for custom viewing options. Adjust sound, brightness, connect to WiFi, source content with the delicate touch of the finger.

Ambient lighting guides your controls

Ambient lighting on both sides of the earpiece comes to life the moment Royole-X is turned on, announcing its presence to those left behind in the real world.

What makes the Royole-X special?

It combines breakthrough display technology (the world’s highest resolution) with highest quality theatrical sound in a ergonomically-centric form factor, for on-the-go movie and gaming entertainment.