With our lives moving so fast we tend to forget our valuables whether it be our keys, phone, purse or anything else. Keyper reminds user when a valuable is forgotten or help locate a misplaced valuable with the Smartphone app. Just attach Keyper to your valuable and keep it connected to your phone/devices using Keyper app available in app store. User can rely on Keyper with its built-in long lasting rechargeable battery makes it very reliable for protecting valuables.Connect Roadie to the peg of your instrument, strum the string and watch it tune in seconds

  • Wireless range of up to 30m.
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery.
  • Standard micro-usb charging port.
  • Loud buzzer and LED alert light.


approx. $29.95


Never lose your valuables again

With Keyper attached to your valuables you can keep track of them using the Keyper app. Keyper also gives beep notification whenever user forgets and leaves it behind. With maps feature user can look for last known location of Keyper with date and time when it was lost. With built-in long lasting rechargeable battery Keyper is very reliable. It can be recharged with micro-USB port on the device.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Keyper has a built-in long lasting rechargeable battery, which can last between 6-12 months on single charge depending on usage. It can be easily recharged with standard micro USB cable (same cable as used in many phones/devices).

Locate your vehicle in parking

Enable vehicle tracking feature, so you can find location of your vehicle where you left it in the parking.

Keep track of your pets

Get notified whenever your pets run away from you, both Keyper and your phone will start to ring.

Track with Maps

User can locate Keyper’s last known position where both app device and Keyper got disconnected. App has the feature where with a few clicks user can see the location on maps. Using the GPS coordinate of your connected phone/device app stores the last known location of Keyper.

Bring useful products for people

The goal of ChipStore is to bring useful products to consumer which makes the lives of people smarter and easier. We focus a lot on beauty of technology product while designing mass market products. Keyper is both technologically advanced and beautiful at the same time.