YONO is the only wearable earbud to measure Basal Body Temperature, which may be used in predicting ovulation, natural family planning and understanding female hormonal health. YONO provides a seamless and effortless solution to get your BBT data. Simply wear YONO earbud during sleep – everything else is taken care of by YONO!


  • YONO keeps fertility tracking, natural family planning and hormonal health monitoring simple
  • YONO offers the most intuitive, overnight and continuous body temperature data
  • YONO measures core body temperature instead of skin temperature
  • No data transmission is needed when worn every night
  • Compatibility: IPhone 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus, se, 7, 7 plus, iPad


approx. $135.00


Fertility tracking with YONO earbud and YONO Fertility APP

YONO earbud and YONO Fertility APP work together to make fertility tracking simple and easy.


Overnight continuous body temperature readings

YONO provides overnight, continuous body temperature readings. Users can either use BBT provided by YONO APP, or manually input BBT data in the APP.

No data transmission during sleep

No data transmission when worn every night; the data only syncs when the earbud is in the base station.

Comfortable silicone encased

YONO is a comfortable, silicone encased earpiece (similar to an phone or music earbud) that ensures the material in touch with the skin is not irritated and is always comfortable.

Charting BBT – seamlessly and effortlessly

In the morning, after wearing YONO during sleep, you may sync data with a smartphone to get overnight temperature data.